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Product Applications

Food Grade Applications

For Meat Processing


In meat products, carrageenan serves a dual purpose: it aids in forming a stable gel and retains moisture effectively. This is particularly beneficial for low-fat meat options, where reducing fat can compromise texture. By adding carrageenan, we not only mitigate toughness but also enhance the product's juiciness, delivering a superior culinary experience.

For Jelly


Carrageenan is a versatile ingredient perfect for a range of desserts, from jellies and gummies to puddings. Whether used on its own or blended with other gums like konjac or locust bean gum, carrageenan offers a variety of textures to suit your culinary needs. It's especially effective in milk-based treats like flan and silky pudding, and can even be used to create a luscious glaze for cakes.

For Beer


For decades, carrageenan has been a staple in beer manufacturing, primarily for its ability to clarify the brew through wort protein precipitation. Not only does it enhance clarity, but it also reduces filtering loss by 0.2-0.3%, effectively offsetting its own cost. The use of carrageenan results in a clearer wort and fermentation broth, streamlining both the filtering and fermentation processes. Thus, Uses of carrageenan is a cost-effective way to elevate the quality of beer production.

For Cheese


Carrageenan is an excellent fit for cheese production due to its strong affinity with milk proteins. Its gel-forming capabilities create a robust bond with milk casein, enhancing the cheese's firmness and structural integrity. Even in small quantities, carrageenan can significantly improve the texture of the cheese. It's also effective in stabilizing cheese-like and fat-free cheese products.

For Dairy Beverages


Carrageenan is a go-to ingredient in dairy production, thanks to its excellent compatibility with milk proteins. Widely used by dairy and ice cream manufacturers, carrageenan enhances mouthfeel and delivers that sought-after creamy texture. It's also key in stabilizing cocoa in chocolate milk and controlling ice crystal formation in ice cream.

For Tooth Paste


Carrageenan for toothpaste plays a crucial role in maintaining the paste's consistency, ensuring that the abrasive remains suspended and preventing water separation. A thixotropic thickener, which behaves like a gel at rest but flows under pressure, is ideal. Iota carrageenan, used at just a 1% concentration, excels in this role. It not only meets these criteria but also allows for easy rinsing from the toothbrush.

Non-Food Grade or Technical Applications

For Air Refreshner Gel


Serving as the primary gelling agent, carrageenan controls the gradual release of fragrance oils, ensuring a long-lasting aroma. It's versatile enough to be used in both opaque and transparent air freshener gels.

For Pet Food


Carrageenan is suitable for use in in the Pet Food Industry for its ability to function as a gelling agent that permeates in between fish pieces, or a thickener to bind free liquids, prevent water separation, excellent stability and for good clarity jelly.