About Amarta Carrageenan

PT Amarta Carrageenan was established since 1990, located in Pandaan, East Java, Indonesia. Amarta Carrageenan has developed an expertise in raw supplying, carrageenan processing, food ingredients formulation, quality control and assurance, product development, financing, marketting, and much more to our precious customer.

As to the future, Amarta Carrageenan intends to continue inovate bussiness by modernizing our bussiness system, carrageenan processes, apllications, and infrastructure with next-generation technology solutions.

Our Services

Customer is always our top priority!

Amarta Carrageenan limited sees that customer sastifaction as the key to bussiness success and this awareness drives to our dedication to quality assurance. Strictly filtering and controlling our product by checking every processing step to ensure only best product.

We ensure that our biology, chemistry, and agricultural team posess a wealth of education, experience, and expertise to provide leadership and guidance to assure our product to meet customer expectations.

More than 16 Years Experience.

Our experience is all you need. Take a look to our history.

PT Amarta Carrageenan Indonesia (ACI) started bussiness in 1990, exporting various of seaweed products. By continous in learning the carrageenan, PT Amarta Carrageenan continue to develop its company. The Company quickly establish relations with other multi level company and successors, developing seaweed and did various project.
In 1998, PT Amarta Carrageenan Indonesia started building it's own factory and in 2 years, they started to run the production within or outside the country (Indonesia).

Why Choose Us?

Why you choose Amarta Carrageenan then the others?

Amarta Carrageenan has a strict standard of quality control to provide you high quality safety standard for human or pet grade food. Our good company value, make them quickly established strong supply relationships with many customers worldwide. We always continue our improvement in bussiness system, carrageenan processes, production, marketting, and customer service.

  • We have expertise in sourcing the material.
  • We produce the highest quality of products.
  • We look after the safety of the ingredients.
  • We maintain your buffer level.
  • We protect your brand and your name by providing long term relationship

Our Advantage

  • Many Option Selecting and controlling best raw for your needs.
  • Education Train the farmer on how to farm the seaweed for the best quality.
  • Safety Standard Strict in controlling and high quality food safety standard.
  • Long Term Relationship Customer is our top priority.

PT Amarta Carrageenan Indonesia, since 1990

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